Timber Ranch in Oregon for sale...

  • Pristine woodlands
  • Managed tree farm
  • Solid long term investment
  • Immediate tax benefits
  • Buy direct from the owner
  • The perfect telecommute home

85 Acres of timber ranch perfection for sale...

This beautiful property, 85 Acres of rural tree farm is located in Oakland Oregon, about 60 miles south of Eugene and about 20 miles north of Roseburg on the I5 corridor between exit 142 and 154. It is located about 10 miles outside of the small town of Oakland (exit 130) and about 10 miles from Interstate 5.

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Proper zoning in oregon is everything for tax benefits...

The timber ranch for sale is zoned Farm Forest and there is currently merchantable timber on the property. Being a timber farm in Oregon it sports very low property taxes and provides an outstanding tax deduction of the operating expenses .

The warmth of a big family ranch home

The main ranch home of 4800 sq ft is situated at about the 1100 foot elevation and has the most outstanding views you have ever seen and the top floor includes an office with high speed satellite internet.

Surrounding the home there is clearing areas for produce gardens. The property for sale is fully forested with a few clearing areas and is the largest full forest area around the Egene and Oakland and we have chosen to prohibit hunting so there is an abundance of wildlife year round.

Barn, workshop and ancillary buildings...

The building area also includes a an additional Ranch hand home of 1144 sq ft, new in 2003, a 2400 sq ft fully outfitted farm barn and workshop, two full hook up RV spaces, two equipment sheds as well as a shooting range.

So why is our beautiful Oregon timber ranch for sale?

We love this property and we have have lived here for 7 years but our life adventures are now a changing. We are planning to buy a boat and cruise the 7 seas, so we've put our dream ranch up for Sale. We also have many other things up for sale as a result.

The property for sale is available for viewing at most anytime with some advance notice. Simply contact us for directions details to Eugene and then on to Oregon or any other information you may require about the Sale, we are more than happy to help.

See my Youtube pieces on exactly why I bought this property and why I we have put it up for sale.

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